In November, it's late autumn in North Africa, but at tropical latitudes the sun shines and it's hot, especially in the first half of the month. The monsoon begins to retreat even from the Gulf of Guinea. In the Southern Hemisphere, at tropical latitudes it's the end of the dry season, and it's very hot in low-altitude inland areas (in countries such as Botswana, Zimbabwe or Zambia).
Where to go: Addis Ababa, Asmara, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Cairo, Lagos, Marrakesh


In November, it's late autumn, and it begins to get cold, even in many areas having a temperate climate. The retreating monsoon brings heavy rains in southeast India, and on the exposed slopes of Thailand and Indonesia. It's typically the last month in which typhoons occur in southeast Asia, and cyclones in the Northern Indian Ocean. You can go in tropical areas where the monsoon has receded (and in which the retreating monsoon does not bring rainfall), and in areas having a hot summer, where by now the heat is over.
Where to go: Baghdad, Doha (second half), Guangzhou, Hong Kong (first half), Islamabad, Kathmandu (first half), Kuwait (second half), Nicosia (first half), New Delhi, Sana'a, Taipei, Thimphu (first half)

North and Central America

By now it's very cold in Canada, also in the south, as well as in Northern United States. It's the last month of hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and in Central America. The temperature begins to decrease and the north-east trade winds begin to blow, at least up to the latitude of Mexico. The trade winds bring heavy rains on the exposed slopes, for instance along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, in the countries of Central America, while in the Pacific side they bring hot and sunny weather.
Where to go: Mexico City, Los Angeles, Miami

South America

In November it's late spring in the Southern Hemisphere. The dry season continues in North-eastern Brazil. It starts to get too hot in many areas having a subtropical climate. You can then visit the areas having a temperate climate.
Where to go: Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Santiago


In Europe, in November it's full autumn: cold, cloudy, windy and rainy. In Mediterranean countries, the temperature is often still pleasant, and there's no shortage of sunny days, but they alternate with periods of bad weather, with rains, sometimes heavy. In Central Europe, sometimes winter-like weather can occur, with the first snowfalls and frosts, more often at the end of the month.


The warm season begins in the Southern Hemisphere, with some risk of heavy rains, and in some cases of the formation of cyclones at tropical latitudes. In South Australia, the temperatures are generally pleasant, but occasionally there may be waves of scorching heat from the desert. In New Zealand it's still a bit cool and rainy.