Peniche, where it's located

The climate of Peniche is oceanic, with mild, rainy winters and cool, sunny summers.
The city is located on the coast of Portugal to the north-west of Lisbon, in a small peninsula that makes it particularly exposed to sea winds, and therefore particularly cool and windy even in summer. In fact, the temperature in summer remains very cool, around 20/22 °C (68/72 °F). Because of the waves generated by the wind, the area is frequented by surfers.
The average temperature of the coldest month (January) is of 11.9 °C (53 °F), that of the warmest month (July) is of 19.1 °C (66 °F). Here are the average temperatures at Cabo Carvoeiro, on the western tip, where the lighthouse is located.
Peniche - Average temperatures
Min (°C)101012131416171717161310
Max (°C)141416171820212121201715
Min (°F)505054555761636363615550
Max (°F)575761636468707070686359

Precipitation amounts to 610 millimeters (24 inches) per year: so, it is at an intermediate level. It ranges from 0 mm (0 in) in the driest months (June, July) to 100 mm (3.9 in) in the wettest (March). Here is the average precipitation.
Peniche - Average precipitation

On average, there are around 2,910 sunshine hours per year: therefore, the amount of sunshine is very good. Here are the average sunshine hours per day.
Peniche - Sunshine

The sea temperature ranges between 15 °C (59 °F) and 20 °C (68 °F). So, it never becomes warm for swimming. Here are the average sea temperatures.
Peniche - Sea temperature
Temp (°C)151515151618192020191816
Temp (°F)595959596164666868666461


Best Time

The best time to visit Peniche runs from May to September, since it is the mildest and the driest period of the year. Even in summer, it's better to bring a sweatshirt, a light jacket and a scarf for the wind.