The climate of Coimbra is Mediterranean, with mild, relatively rainy winters and hot, sunny summers.
The city is located in central-northern Portugal, about 40 km (25 mi) from the coast.
The average temperature of the coldest month (January) is of 9.6 °C (49 °F), that of the warmest month (July) is of 21.6 °C (71 °F). The lowest record (of the 1971/2000 period) is -4.9 °C (23 °F), the highest is 41.6 °C (107 °F). Here are the average temperatures.
Coimbra - Average temperatures
Min (°C)567811141514131186
Max (°C)151618192225282827221815
Min (°F)414345465257595755524643
Max (°F)596164667277828281726459

Precipitation amounts to 905 millimeters (35.6 inches) per year: so, it is at an intermediate level. It ranges from 15 mm (0.6 in) in the driest months (July, August) to 125 mm (4.9 in) in the wettest (December). Here is the average precipitation.
Coimbra - Average precipitation

On average, there are around 2,800 sunshine hours per year: therefore, the amount of sunshine is very good. Here are the average sunshine hours per day.
Coimbra - Sunshine


Best Time

The best times to visit Coimbra are spring and autumn, ie from mid-April to mid-June and from September to early October. In June, the weather is often nice, but it can sometimes be hot, especially in the second half of the month.