Ponza, where it's located

The climate of Ponza is Mediterranean, with mild, rainy winters and warm, sunny summers.
Ponza is the largest of the Pontine Islands, an archipelago south of the Lazio region, also formed by the islands of Palmarola, Zannone, Gavi, Ventotene, and Santo Stefano.
The average temperature of the coldest month (February) is of 10.3 °C (51 °F), that of the warmest month (August) is of 25.5 °C (78 °F). Here are the average temperatures.
Ponza - Average temperatures
Min (°C)9910121519222320171310
Max (°C)121214162125282825211713
Min (°F)484850545966727368635550
Max (°F)545457617077828277706355

Precipitation amounts to 665 millimeters (26.2 inches) per year: so, it is at an intermediate level. It ranges from 5 mm (0.2 in) in the driest month (July) to 120 mm (4.7 in) in the wettest (November). Here is the average precipitation.
Ponza - Average precipitation

On average, there are around 2,600 sunshine hours per year. Here are the average sunshine hours per day.
Ponza - Sunshine

The sea temperature ranges between 14 °C (57 °F) and 26 °C (79 °F). The sea is warm enough for swimming from July to September. Here are the average sea temperatures.
Ponza - Sea temperature
Temp (°C)151414161922252624221916
Temp (°F)595757616672777975726661


Best Time

The best time to visit Ponza for a beach holiday is the summer, from June to August. The sea temperature is comfortable enough from July to September, although in September, which in any case is still a good month (especially in the first half), the first periods of bad weather can occur.