Greek Islands, map

The Greek islands have a Mediterranean climate, with mild, rainy winters and hot, sunny summers. However, there are some differences that are worth considering.

The islands have been grouped according to the archipelago to which they belong, in the following pages:



Ionian Islands


Saronic Islands

North Aegean Islands

Here, however, for greater clarity, the list of the islands that we have covered in a specific page:

Kefalonia (Ionian Islands)

Chios (Northeast Aegean Islands)

Kythira (Ionian Islands)

Corfu (Ionian Islands)


Ikaria (Northeast Aegean Islands)

Ios (Cyclades Islands)

Ithaca (Ionian Islands)

Kalymnos (Dodecanese)

Karpathos (Dodecanese)

Kos (Dodecanese)

Lefkada (Ionian Islands)

Lemnos (Northeast Aegean Islands)

Lesbos (Northeast Aegean Islands)

Milos (Cyclades Islands)

Mykonos (Cyclades Islands)

Naxos (Cyclades Islands)

Paros (Cyclades Islands)

Patmos (Dodecanese)

Paxos (Ionian Islands)

Rhodes (Dodecanese)

Samos (Northeast Aegean Islands)

Samothrace (Thracian Sea)

Santorini (Cyclades Islands)

Skiathos (Sporades Islands)

Skopelos (Sporades Islands)

Skyros (Sporades Islands)

Syros (Cyclades Islands)

Thasos (Thracian Sea)

Zakynthos (Ionian Islands)